RPZ Valves (Backflow Preventers)

Industrial VALVES Ltd offer a comprehensive range of RPZ / Backflow preventers for the protection of drinking water networks.


Agriculture, chemical or argricultural industries, collective or individual housing, workshop or business, all kinds of user are served by and linked to the same network : the risks of cross contamination multiply.  As the network becomes more and more complex, an incident is more and more likely to occur in the water distribution system. Incidents may occur of various degrees of seriousness when pumping a polluted liquid, siphoning a tank of chemical product, disposing of a dangerous product or rejecting waste water.

Backflow preventers protect the drinking water network by interrupting the continuity of the supply, emptying and evacuating to waste in case of danger of water being turned back into teh main pipeline.


Size Range: 50mm to 250mm

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