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Jonathon Kidney Added to the Team at Industrial Valves

We are excited to advise that Jonathon Kidney has joined our team at Industrial Valves as a Sales Project Engineer.

Jonathon was previously in this role with the Ham Baker Group, working closely with IVL before the acquisition of Industrial Valves Limited, Industrial Penstocks Limited and Kempster Valves by Duvalco.  Jonathan has extensive experience providing flow control products and managing projects for domestic and international markets.

 James O’Toole – General Manager at IVL, commented on the appointment: – 

 “We have previously worked with Jonathon during our time at Ham Baker. He is known for his commitment, hard work, and extensive knowledge of flow control products. He applies these skills to ensure successful sales orders and project outcomes.

 We are extremely pleased with this appointment because Jonathon is an ideal match for IVL and aligns with our goals for expanding our flow control equipment offerings under the Industrial Valves/Industrial Penstocks brand.”

 To get in touch with Jonathon, his details are. 


Mobile: 07951 123 6531