Through Bore Hydrant

DN80 10/16 PN 2½” Stainless Steel London Round Thread Outlet to BS 750

Design Standard: BS 750 type 2

Clockwise to Close (CTC)


Unlike current hydrants which have an ‘S’ shaped water path, Through Bore Hydrants have a straight vertical path which provides direct full bore access (80mm*) to the main enabling a wide range of inspection, repair and maintenance activities.

  • Enables network mapping / monitoring by the Utility, improving supply efficiencies
  • Offers industry leading flowrates at low operating pressures, particularly beneficial to the Emergency Fire and Rescue Services and ultimately public safety
  • Enables major reductions in supply interruptions, excavation and highway disruption, considerably decreasing the overall carbon footprint
  • Similar in appearance and operation to existing type 2 hydrants, minimising the need for operator training
  • Lower operating torques that minimize potential for operator injury

Size Range : Hydrant is available for connection to DN80 PN10/16 flanged branch connection.

Pressure Rating:  All valves are rated at PN16 for 16 bar continuous working pressure

Direction to close:  Clockwise (CTC)