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Another successful audit completed

Industrial Valves (IVL) is pleased to announce we have passed the recent audit to become registered and validated by Achilles.

Global Supply Chain

Achilles is a global supply chain risk management expert. They work with market-leading financial, industrial, commercial, and governmental organisations requiring serious, detailed analysis and expert insight to deliver exceptional confidence in environmental, social, and governance reporting.

Achilles is widely used across the regulated UK water industry. IVL has quality as a cornerstone, so this validation by Achilles further endorses the direction the business is heading.

We prioritise the highest product/service excellence standards, ensuring our clients receive engineered solutions.  Our commitment to #HealthandSafety is unwavering, creating a secure environment for our staff and customers.

Environmental responsibility is embedded in our ethos as we strive to minimise our carbon footprint.  

Please contact our valve and process experts and experience the lengths IVL goes to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.  We deliver engineered products you know you can rely on.