Cast Iron Penstock – Series 108

The Series 108 is a rectangular metal-faced penstock suitable for wall and thimble mounting, with on-seating heads up to 6 metres and off-seating heads up to 6 metres.

Conventional wedges are positioned on each side of the frame to apply a face to the door in the closed position.

  • An extensive range of operating gear can be utilised
  • Faced wedges available in the same material as the sealing faces
  • Fixing bolts supplied on request
  • Circular apertures (sealing faces remain rectangular)
  • Thimble mounting (See page 8)
  • Full frame only.

Material Specification


It is constructed in BS EN 1561 min—250 cast iron for wall or thimble mounting applications.


It is constructed in BS EN 1561 min—250 cast iron designed to withstand seating heads up to 6 metres and 3 metres off-seating.

Sealing Faces

Phosphor bronze sealing faces to BS EN 12167:1998 are supplied as the standard material bedded to 0.1mm feeler gauge non-acceptance to provide an effective seal.

Door and Frame

The sealing faces are fixed securely using long taper countersunk pegs in the same material as the sealing face.


They are constructed in BS EN 1561 min. 420-12 ductile iron to provide a large contact area with the door. The wedges are adjustable to accommodate wear during the life of the penstock.

Flush Invert

The resilient flush invert seal is bolted onto the frame invert member.

Thrust Housing

It was manufactured in 420-12 ductile iron to BS EN 1561.

Invert Seal

A flush invert is supplied as a standard feature; the seal is manufactured from Ethylene Propylene Di-Methyl (EPDM) to ASTM D2000.

Door Nut

It is manufactured from phosphor bronze to BS EN 12167:1998 for non-rising stem applications.


Standard fasteners are supplied in stainless steel to  BS EN 10088:1995 grade 1.4401 (316; A4).

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Technical Specification