Handstops – Fig 710

Industrial Penstocks manufacture a comprehensive range of SG Handstops, in square, rectangular and semi-circular apertures, together with a wide range of trim levels and designs to suit various applications and industries.

The Handstop is available in sizes up to 900mm; Penstocks or Stop logs are recommended over this size.


  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance

Size Range

150mm – 900mm nominal opening


Frame – Welded Mild Steel construction to BS 4360 43A. Coating using galvanising to Swedish Standard SA2.5 or Zinc sprayed, etch primed, and epoxy painted. Other options are also available such as stainless steel.

Frame Seals – Parallel resilient EPDM seals bonded to frame sides, with neoprene flush invert seal to invert section.

Door – Solid PVC HDPE construction with stainless steel reinforcement angles if required.

Lifting Handles – There is a choice between slotted lifting holes within the UPVC door or lifting handles manufactured in Gr 304 stainless steel bolted through the door.

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